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Refer a friend and earn £250 if they choose to apply to a UK University using our application service and successfully join their course as an international student.

Refer a Friend Form 



Thanks for submitting!
We’ll now contact your friend, please let them know.

Terms & conditions:

By completing the above form with the details of your friend, family, or colleague who is interested in studying in the UK you are confirming that you have their permission to do so.


We will contact them to give them more information on applying to UK Universities and let them know that they have been referred by you.


Should this person successfully enroll and pay their tuition fees, we will reward you with a payment of £250 (GBP) as long as the following conditions are met:

*You have the applicant’s permission before providing their information.

*Referral form must be completed before the candidate has applied, no retrospective referrals are allowed.

*Student must successfully enroll and pass drop out date before payment can be made.

*Payment of £250 (GBP) will be made to the bank account of your choice via funds transfer after we have received payment for our consultancy services from the University where the person that you referred is studying. 

Finally, we ask you to please advise interested applicants of the following:

*Our head office is located in the UK and supports students from all over the world.

*The team is able to provide students with all the information needed to apply to universities and we are happy to advise them through the entire application process, including offering advice on courses, accommodation, visas, and more.

*Our team will also be able to advise on English language courses with our partner schools and colleges.

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